HAN Makeup

About us

HAN Makeup is a Saudi Company founded by Hessa AlAjaji, a professional makeup artist who wanted to provide girls of all ages with premium quality makeup brushes and products for their everyday use.

HAN Makeup's journey began after we noticed a lack of professional-grade makeup brushes within an affordable price range. This is when we decided that we want to create the best makeup and beauty products, with affordability in mind.

After years of research and product trials, HAN Makeup was launched with a mission to cater to the everyday girl. The first product we launched is “The Brush Set” which gives you the essential brushes that you need to apply makeup for any occasion, and event that you can ever go to.

At HAN Makeup, quality always comes first. Our brushes were tested and approved by professional make-up artists for months before being launched into the market. Our extensive trials and research ensure that we only offer you one of the highest quality products available in the market.

We only offer products that you need. Simplicity is what we aim for when we design our products. No one wants to own a makeup brush that they won’t use for years, or one that has unclear usage. Hence, we made sure that we offer you the brushes and products that you will end up using.

HAN Makeup